Googloe SEO Tools - Page One Infiltrator (POI)

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Page One Infiltrator (POI)

   SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most important thing to make money online. If you know the basic concept of SEO, you can be confident to make money online by SEO.
   There is now even more opportunity than ever to get your site ranked on Google's first page.
But truth is SEO still has a lot of changes to come. Each time a new change comes it is another opportunity for a select few to rise to the top.
    But how can you do that if Google keeps knocking you down? How can you be one of those select few that thrive while other go under?
    It's no secret. In fact it is so out in the open it just stuns me that everyone does not see it.
Google actually tells you exactly what it wants to rank at the top of search engines. Hell, they even give you a list of sites. It's called Google Page One.
    Yes, think about it!  Everything that Google loves will be in the sites it gives that coveted page one ranking to. Everything it penalizes a site for will not be seen in the top ten search results.
Check that out and you will know exactly what you need to do to rank on page one.
    OK, it's not that easy! Google uses so many different ranking factors and makes sure the data is extremely hard to get hold of. A good analysis of the top search results could take days or even weeks or even not be able to do it at all.

    You need an expert program to do all that work for you and that is what Page One Infiltrator (POI) does. It will analyze your web pages and the top page one results and run a comparison against them. POI will tell you exactly what you don't have that the top results do. And it will tell you what you do have that the top results don't (things you need to get rid of).
     POI will put this into a 30+ page review of your site. Or anyone's website. Why not sell the reports or use them to get new business?

But now you can't get it. Because it launch

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